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Checkered Floor by Florartisan LLC (Dennis Florianovich) Black & White Industrial Epoxy, Urethane topcoat at Stateline Speedway & Competive Edge Racing School. 

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Fusion Flooring of Wyoming

Here are the  photos of Dustin Demello's coffee shop project using McKinnon Materials Industrial Epoxy:

Coffee bags were first prepared by cutting away frayed edges and ironing each bag flat (as you can see they are all different imports).   A first coat of epoxy was rolled out, laying the bags into them and then a heavy roller was used to flatten  them into the epoxy.  Two additional coats of McKinnon Industrial Epoxy were applied until the floor was completely smooth.


Industrial epoxy protects and showcases this coffee shop's theme.


There is an interesting story behind the border.  Originally, these were two different rooms...the one with the wood floor and the other now with the coffee bean bags.  

The wall had recently been removed prior to the commencement of this project.  Since there was now a countersunk 4" wide strip where the wall had been, Dustin decided to take advantage of this unique structural oddity.   He mixed some coffee beans with stone and epoxy and troweled it into the 4" void.  As a final touch, he added real horseshoes on top of the coffee beans for a western theme.  When this was dry, he then filled it up to the top with epoxy so that both floors would be non-porous and level.