Crystal Coat




Crystal Coat has the inherent ability to deeply enhance the  color intensity of pavers while providing a fortified, protective shield.    

 Its strength and durability as to wear/abrasion resistance, will substantially  decrease routine cleaning and maintenance costs while  forming  a penetrating, locked in place bond, as compared to lesser generic  alternatives. 

 Specifically formulated, by McKinnon Materials;  it withstands the harsh forces of Mother Nature and  continuous UV rays of the sun.   

 At $93 for 5 Gallons, Crystal Coat is an inexpensive paver solution!  Given that it is highly concentrated, it  is meant to be  extended through the addition of 50% water.  Why pay extra for water?


  Protect investments made in  pavers with Crystal Coat today and relax and enjoy the savings and curb appeal for years to come...

DESCRIPTION:  Single Component, 100% Cross-Linking Acrylic Sealer, 30-32% Solids
FLEXABILITY: Allows expansion/contraction of pavers to take place without thermoshock demise.
RESISTANCE: Resists Weathering, UV Stable
DURABILITY: Abrasion resistant, deep penetrating into paver, forming an unyielding bond.
MAINTENANCE: Strength and durability substanstially decrease need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.
COVERAGE: 150-300 Square Feet
RECOMMENDATIONS: Residential or Commercial, Interior or Exterior Service: Decks, Patios, Pavers and all Deck Coat Overlays