You might have surely heard of epoxy flooring, but maybe you thought it could be applied only to indoor floorings like homes, offices, garages, showrooms and retail stores. Perhaps you have the question, “Can epoxy flooring be used outdoors?” in your mind. The answer is YEAH!. You should choose epoxy flooring because it is resistant to outdoor elements, durable, attractive and safe. It can be easily maintained and cleaned with some warm soapy water and a mop or sometimes just using a hose!

Benefits Of Epoxy Floor Coatings Outdoors

  • It is an excellent choice for your outdoor concrete walkway and also for your pool deck. Durability, impenetrability, curb appeal, seamless textured surface and safety are the major benefits.
  • You can choose from color options and different custom designs and make it completely unique.
  • Epoxy does not release any toxins that harm you.
  • It can be used for stained or cracked outdoor concrete surfaces.
  • There are numerous blends of formulated epoxies with other materials which can be applied over existing concrete. You can be free from the messy process of removing the concrete.
  • Epoxy is the best suitable flooring solution for protecting outdoor surfaces that are constantly subject to wear and tear.
  • Concrete porches and walkways get a new elegant and sophisticated look when epoxy is used.
  • It improves the beauty of the outdoor landscape.
  • Affordable, high quality, industrial grade epoxy also protects the surface from spills and bad weather.
  • These outdoor areas are paved with porous stones combined with epoxy to protect them and enhance with a natural design.
  • Instead of expensive materials like marble, wood, stone and other natural materials, you can combine different colors and various decorative flecks of epoxy using latest techniques and spread the paint throughout the surface. This creates unique effects with non-repetitive textures.
Epoxy flooring outdoors

Application Of Epoxy-bonded Stone Mixtures

Epoxy-bonded stone mixtures are applied at thicknesses from about 1/4 inch on an interior floor and up to 2 inches on exterior surfaces. Sealing with epoxy sealer is recommended. The surface is ready for usage after 24 hours.

Are You Ready To Install Epoxy Flooring For Your Outdoor Surfaces?

Epoxy Flooring for outdoor surfaces and landscapes offers a clean and attractive look with many advantages but if the job is not done right the first time, additional applications may be required. So for a proper installation, it is best to hire a professional Contractor. Mckinnon Materials Has Covered Millions Of Square Feet With our own propriety product River Rock Epoxy Flooring Outdoors. Our floor coatings are extremely stronger than just concrete alone. We offer the blend of best quality Epoxy and natural stones for your walkways, entries, pools and driveways. With so much versatility and benefits, you will surely want to install an epoxy floor coating outdoors!