What is Epoxy Stone Flooring?

Epoxy Stone Flooring Installation

Epoxy Stone flooring and decorative concrete decking is an epoxy concrete coating system made up of natural stones combined with specially formulated UV epoxy for concrete surfaces.  This epoxy stone concrete coating can be applied to most types of hard surfaces – horizontal and/or vertical and used for indoor or outdoor applications.

It is very important that if you plan to install this type of epoxy flooring that you purchase your epoxy stone products from an epoxy stone products supplier who knows has many years of experience in installing epoxy stone flooring and who also formulates custom stone bond epoxy specifically for epoxy stone flooring installation.  McKinnon Materials has many decades of experience in epoxy stone installation and epoxy stone product sales, formulation and support for contractors.

McKinnon Materials also sells natural decorative pebbles and stones specifically for Epoxy Stone flooring installation.  These pebbles for epoxy stone come in 14 color combinations and can also be mixed with multiple colors for more options.

Epoxy Stone Benefits

  • In most cases, you won’t have to remove your existing concrete because Pebble Stone is applied to the surface of your existing concrete and when Pebble Epoxy when applied properly it will give new life to your old and ugly concrete!
  • Your new surface will be flat enough to walk on with bare feet (actually feels good under your feet), non slip safe as any water that falls on it will soak through the porous surface and drain below, leaving the top surface free from any puddles.
  • Easy maintenance: A quick wash is all that’s needed to keep it clean.
  • Unusual applications: Can be applied to an exceptionally wide range of surfaces, even on vertical surfaces!
  • Very durable: Resistant to a wide range of weather conditions including freezing weather.
  • Easy to repair: Cracks can be easily repaired.

Epoxy Stone Applications

Epoxy Stone flooring can be used for the following applications and much more:

  • Sidewalks and steps
  • Patios and porches (concrete or wood decks)
  • Driveways
  • Garage Floors (no more puddles or slippery concrete)
  • Pool Decks
  • Basement Floors
  • Commercial Business and Restaurant Floors
  • Much more!
Epoxy Stone Colors