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The price is $300 A DAY FOR 3 Business days for a total of $900 for all three days.  We charge $50 a person per day for any extra people.

Requirements to attend training class:

Please remember that wearing a face mask or face shield is required.

We will be adhering to the CDC Quid lines as close as humanly possible.


  1. Read and familiarize yourself with the two pages of symptoms of coronavirus.
  2. If you have or are having any of the symptoms now or within the last two to 14 days you will not be allowed to attend training without a recent negative test.
  3. Your temperature will be check daily on arrival.
  4. Class size will be limited to 3 and must be paid in advance ($300 a day).
  5. Entrance will be at the back of the building.(Admission to from office is restricted.)
  6. What will be covered each day:
  • Tuesday: We will be covering epoxy bonded stone/ Class will conclude during 1st hr of next day.
  • Wednesday: We will be covering McKrete/ Chromastain/ Sealers/ class will conclude during first hour or 2 of following day.
  • Thursday: We will be covering Industrial Epoxy/ Aurora Metallic Epoxy.
  • Friday: IF more training is needed part of this day is open.
  • After satisfactory completion attenders will receive a certificate of completion.
  • We do not provide lunch however we do break for 1 hour to allow you to go and have lunch.

Please remember that wearing a face mask or face shield is required.