Concrete Sealers


Our concrete sealers give a lustrous shine and protect your floor.

McKinnon Materials carries a wide range of concrete sealer products to seal & protect. We also offer products to clean & maintain your concrete surfaces. See color chart for available colors for tinting. For more information about any of the products listed click here to be taken to the technical data sheets under Resources on this website.



High Performance Urethane -

~Two component chemical resistant aliphatic urethane resistant to most chemicals. This is a type of concrete sealer that cures through a chemical reaction and therefore is not dependant on atmostpheric moisture colors. Clear and other gloss at 60-90 degrees.

~Available in clear or tinted, Low VOC, VOC Compliant, Satin and 3 gallon or 15 gallon kits


Polyaspartic -

A solvent based two component 66% solids polyaspartic aliphatic urethane clear coating.

        Product Features:

  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, hardness
  • UV Stability
  • Exceptionally quick time of around 1 to 2 hours for light foot traffic


Super Vinyl Supreme -

~A solvent based acrylic, used as a concrete sealer on ceramic and acrylic based products such as McKrete.

~Coverage Per Gallon: 200 - 300 square feet per gallon

~Available in 1 gallon or 5 gallons


Miracle Glaze H20

Product Features:

  • Exceptional Chemical Resistance
  • Two-Component, Water-Based Aliphatic Urethane
  • Supeerb Satin Gloss Retention
  • Virtually Zero VOCs.
  • Oder-Free
  • Yields 4 mils coverage at 250 sq. ft. per kit

Recommended Uses:

  • Aircraft hangers, service bays and warehouse floors where light reflectance, chemical and abrasion resistance are required.
  • It's non-toxic cure state makes it an appropriate option for food process plants and hospital facilities.



Crystal Coat

The Choice is Clear - Crystal Coat Paver Sealer

Crystal Coat has the inherent ability to deeply enhance the color intensity of pavers while providing a fortified, protective shield.


Its strength and durability as to wear/abrasion resistance, will substantially decrease routine cleaning and maintenance costs while forming a penetrating, locked in place bond, as compared to lesser generic alternatives.

Specifically formulated, by McKinnon Materials; it withstands the harsh forces of Mother Nature and continuous UV rays of the sun.

At $93 for 5 gallons, Crystal Coat is an inexpensive paver solutions! Given that it is highly concentrated, it is meant to be extended through the addition of 50% water. Why pay extra for water?

Protect investments made in pavers with Crystal Coat today and relax and enjoy the savings and curb appeal for years to come...


DESCRIPTION: Single Component, 100% Cross-linking Acrylic Sealer, 30-32% Solids

FLEXABILITY: Allows expansion/contraction of pavers to take place withou thermoshock demise.

RESISTANCE: Resists Weathering, UV Stable

DURABILITY: Abrasion resistant, deep penetrating into paver, forming an unyielding bond.

MAINTENANCE: Strength and durability substanstially decrease need for frequent cleaning and maintenance.

COVERAGE: 150-300 Square feet

RECOMMENDATIONS: Residential or Commercial, Interior or Exterior Service: Decks, Patios, Pavers and all Deck Coat Overlays


Available in 5 gallon pails. This product is available in water or solvent based. (Water-based color coat is a special order item. There is a 30 gallon minimum order.)

See our color options below:


For more information on the Color Coat products click here.


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