What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a 2-part mixture comprising of resin and hardener. When Epoxy is placed over concrete, VCT, tile, wood or any other floor, a chemical bond takes place and a hard plastic is formed. After it cures, a strong, long-lasting attractive floor is formed.

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Ease And Strength

Many industrial buildings have installed epoxy flooring for its ease and strength. Industrial Epoxy flooring System is the perfect solution for all types of floors that should withstand foot, machine traffic, chemicals, extreme temperatures, oil, and other fluids without peeling or corroding over years of constant use. Food processing, pharmaceutical, electronics, meat and poultry, dairy, distilleries, garages, and manufacturing facilities are the industries where epoxy flooring is of prominent usage.Floor Epoxy Supplier

Seamless, Easily Cleanable Surface

There are no seams, joints, or ridges like tile or any other type of flooring because epoxy is poured.  As there are no cracks and crevices for dirt and germs to hide, epoxy a more sanitary flooring option. For food plants or healthcare facilities, an anti-microbial additive can be added to the epoxy which will increase the level of sanitation.   Another benefit is that the smooth surface eases the functioning of forklifts and hospital gurneys to roll over without resistance from seam bumps.

Resistant To Stains And Water

Epoxy flooring withstands the effects of stains and water.  Laminate, wood and other types of flooring get damaged by water exposure but epoxy does not warp or water stain due to water damage. When unavoidable spills happen, cleanup is easy and stains are unusual.


Epoxy is the toughest among all other floorings!  It is an impact resistant floor which is perfect to handle heat, shock, heavy machinery, and more free of cracks or wear and tear. The flooring is durable in spite of being exposed to chemical spills that occur in chemical plants.


Epoxy flooring has a shiny, smooth, and seamless appearance.  It is an attractive option for many modern buildings. There are many beautiful colors which are perfect for hotel lobbies and athletic complexes.

Cost Effectiveness

The most desirable benefit of epoxy flooring is its cost-effectiveness. The cost per square foot is considerably lower than other flooring types.  Flooring will last for many years and will require low maintenance.


An anti-slip coating is installed so there are no slips and accidents on epoxy floors to ensure safety. Epoxy floors are highly visible with no cracks or bumps that would cause accidents.


Epoxy flooring does not erode or flake to pollute the environment.  Installation process also leaves behind a very less waste than the other types of flooring.  As it has a nonporous surface, there is no need of any harsh chemicals for cleaning. Therefore, Epoxy flooring is an eco-friendly choice.

Epoxy Floors For Your Buildings:

Epoxy flooring is the best choice for various types of buildings. It is durable, affordable, and versatile. You need not worry about re-doing the floors as epoxy floor lasts for years! With anti-slip and anti-microbial additives, epoxy floors are of great importance for healthcare, food and agriculture, manufacturing, automotive and other industries.