Chromastain™ Concrete Stain Products

Chromastain™, an environmentally friendly concrete stain product.

A non-acid concrete stain product called Chromastain™ was used in place of an acid stained floor in an art museum to give an artistic impression from wall to floor.

Hardwood flooring look with the strength and durability of a stained concrete floor.  Mesa Brown Chromastain over McKrete Wood Grain.

Mesa Brown Chromastain over McKrete Wood Grain.

Use Chromastain™ instead of acid stain for the look of stained concrete floors without the acid!

Chromastain™ is an environmentally-friendly, water-based concrete stain product designed specifically for acrylic concrete overlay systems, in addition to concrete surfaces.  Chromastain penetrates the concrete, adheres to the surface, and is self- sealing. Besides being an extremely user friendly concrete stained product, it may be applied up to three times on the same area and can be sprayed as well as rolled or sponged onto surfaces. Click here for a technical data sheet on Chromastain.

Chromastain™ can be used to stain or color the surface of any porous substrate such as, but not limited to, wood, concrete acrylic, modified coatings (overlays, acrylic deck overlays, acrylic modified concrete, paint).

Chromastain™ Benefits

Whether you have an existing concrete surface that needs restoration or a new concrete surface, Chromastain™ beautifies a concrete floor. It is a permanent concrete stain product that transforms plain concrete into a natural earth, or artistic tone. It does not cover up existing surfaces like a conventional stain or paint, but instead it blends and flows with the concrete. This gives it a mottled or variegated look. It is ideal for blending and coordinating any type of décor.


Chromastain™ is an environmentally-friendly water-based solution. It gives you the acid stained concrete floor look without the acid! No neutralization! No hazardous waste!

Design Concepts:

Patterns and designs may be placed and saw cut into the concrete and enhanced with different colors of Chromastain™ for truly unique concepts and endless design possibilities.  This is not your normal concrete stain.   Click here to see an instructional video on using different Chromastain colors to create a faux stone look.

Low Maintenance:

Chromastain™ floors are easy to maintain, and they can be cleaned by sweeping and washing with neutral commercial floor cleaners. A periodic application of floor wax will ease the cleaning and maintain the look and luster of the floor. The amount of floor traffic will determine the application of floor wax and sealers on your concrete stained floor.


A Chromastain™ concrete stained floor is a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting for people who are allergic to animal dander or dust mites.

Competitive Cost:

Chromastain™ stained concrete floors compare favorably in cost with wood, ceramic, and tile floors. They are, in fact, usually less. Chromastain™ floors are considerably less than marble, slate, or terrazzo.

Available in 1 or 5-gallon pails. Please note Chromastain™ cannot be diluted with water; reducer must be used. Click here for a printable color chart.  See color options below:
Reducer (Also available in one-gallon pails)


We offer a Chromastain™ sample kit that includes all seven colors,

plus Reducer and spray head.


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