2501, 2021

Epoxy Floor Installation Classes for Contractors Start in February!

Epoxy Floor Installation Classes for Contractors Epoxy Floor Lessons for Contractors McKinnon Materials is Offering Epoxy Floor Installation Lessons for Contractors in February! Details Start: February 9 @ 8:30 am EST End: February 11 @ 5:00 pm EST Cost: $900.00 Website: https://www.mck [...]


EZ Coat
Table Top Epoxy
(1:1 Mix Ratio)

EZ Coat is an all-purpose, high viscosity epoxy coating for wood and concrete counter tops, tabletops, bar tops and similar applications.

Reflect your own personal tastes by embedding mementos such as coins, photos or other memorabilia.

Some have incorporated menus, baseball cards, photos, seashells, rope, coins, medallions, straw, fabrics and a variety of other items in the resin to create unique surfaces and conversation pieces.