River Rock Epoxy Coatings

River Rock Epoxies for Contractors

We offer the best prices on specialized epoxies for stone epoxy flooring also known as pebble epoxy flooring and river rock epoxy flooring.  In addition to our amazing prices for epoxy we also give the best support for contractors who are new to the stone epoxy flooring business as well as long time contractors who just want to get great service.

All of our epoxies are formulated here at our location and made specifically for pebble epoxy flooring installation and stone epoxy concrete covering systems.

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Stone Bond has plasticizers added for flexibility and durability of your epoxy stone floor.

U.V Epoxy is unique with tinuvins in the curing agent that reduce ambering of the epoxy and prolong its shine.

Cool Weather Epoxy is not quite as fast reacting as Cold Weather Epoxy, therefore, easier to use in higher temperatures such as 60 ° to low 70° F. Both also have UV inhibitors in them.

Cold Weather Epoxy uses a Resin that has an additive which makes it possible to use down to 30ºF.  It is also the most UV resistant of all epoxies and is not susceptible to “whiting out” if rained on before it cures out.

Reseal Epoxy is our Stone Bond Epoxy with a thinner added to the cure part for easier application. This product yields 150 sq ft. per gallon.

Stone Bond Epoxy Instruction sheet
Stone Bond Epoxy Instruction Slide Show
Resealing Riverrock Instructions


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