NOTE: McKinnon Materials, Inc. does not sell colorquartz; however you can use our Industrial Epoxy for this product and we will recommend a couple places where you can purchase the colorquartz.

You can use Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals and Accent stones in the most demanding architectural applications. Use Colorquartz products to beautify swimming pool surfaces, counters, floors, and other finishes. Colorquartz products maintain their color in the most demanding environments.

Colorquartz (Sold in 50 lb bags)

T Grade:

  • Standard Colors (Black, White)
  • Special Colors (Red, Cayman Green, Blue)

S Grade:

  • Standard Colors (Red, Brown, Black, Tan, Buff, Grey, Smoke, White)
  • Special Colors (Plum, Coral Rose, Green, Cayman Green, Peach, Blue)

Colorquartz products maintain their color in the most demanding environments.

Colorquartz Usage

For Industrial Flooring:

Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals provide lasting color, durability and beauty for architectural surface applications. Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals are strong and can offer variable slip-resistance or dimensional texture. They can be combined with many resins and applied over a variety of substrates, including wood or concrete.

For Pools:

Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals are a melding of nature and technology. It starts with a quartz, one of the world’s hardest minerals. A ceramic coat is bonded to each piece of quartz. The ceramic coat contains inorganic pigments that give each crystal a brilliant color. This combination creates a crystal that is both tough and beautiful. Its color resists bleeding or fading even when exposed to harsh sunlight, strong pool chemicals and acid washings. As a durable element that is dispersed throughout your pool’s finish, it will withstand chemical wear and mechanical abrasion.

Colorquartz Applications

  • Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals are used in diverse environments from commercial facilities to light industrial, institutional, recreational, educational, residential, and hospitality.

  • Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals may be built into other architectural surfaces such as pools, countertops, patios and decks, and walls and moldings.
  • Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals have tested color performance (long lasting), consistent color (providing the ability to match colors), color stability (no bleeding), easy mixing, low maintenance, and controllable slip-resistance (finish choices from smooth to aggressive).

  • Colorquartz Ceramic-Coated Crystals’ color is permanently bonded to each granule, and is proven to stand up against UV rays and harsh chemicals.

McKinnon Materials Color Quartz

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