Table Top Epoxy, Florida. Epoxy coatings can be installed on surfaces like table tops, countertops, bar tops, and more to create unique and stunning surfaces. A smart, lasting, and attractive solution for new or existing table top surfaces can be achieved using epoxy coatings. Epoxy is incredibly durable.

Epoxy Coating Process

Epoxy coatings can be installed on properly prepared concrete. First, table top epoxy of the desired color combination is carefully poured onto the concrete. Once it is set, it is finished with a sealer for added protection, moisture repellency, easier cleaning, and abrasion resistance. Table top epoxy would not trap dirt and contaminants because is environmentally friendly and non-porous. It would not impact air or water because it is nontoxic. There is no need for frequent reapplications because it is very durable and easy to keep clean without use of harsh chemicals. It is an eco-friendly solution for hospitals, schools, and environments where the highest level o sanitation is needed.

Best Epoxy For Table Tops

best table top epoxy in Florida

There are a number of epoxy coatings for table tops. The best table top epoxy in Florida is Ez Coat-Table Top Epoxy. This decoupage epoxy forms beautiful clear glossy finish. This is a scratch-resistant coating available in beautiful and unique colours. This is a product of Mckinnon Materials, Florida. The high-quality Ez Coat Table Top Epoxy provides a smooth finish while creating an exceptionally clear, smooth and tough surface. This tough surface is water-resistant, UV resistant and blush resistant. This best quality epoxy is also food-safe and does not give off harmful toxins. This is one of the most durable epoxies available in the market. It is an industry standard for tabletops, bar tops, and any other art pieces such as clocks, photo laminations and more. This specially formulated product covers a large area with a consistent finish. It cures with such perfect smoothness that it is an excellent choice to use for art projects!

Professional Installation:

Epoxy installation needs to be done with great care and attention. So it is important to choose a company with highly trained and experienced technicians working with epoxy. At Mckinnon Materials, Florida US, we have our own certified installers to serve you. We take the necessary precautions to protect the surfaces surrounding the work area and give you the best designs and colors for your table tops, counter tops and more.