Sealing and sand locking your pavers is the most essential thing you should do to assure they last longer, stay in place and avoid stains and maintain their elegance. If you do not seal your pavers, they will undergo the effects of erosion in joints, weed growth, mould buildup, discoloration, and would become loose.

Mckinnon Materials has our own unique product for sealing pavers called Crystal Coat which is a single component paver sealer and sand lock that helps lock sand in place, limit erosion, repel stains, and keep the pavers look their best. Paver sealers protect the substrate material as they penetrate deep and fill pores, holes, and crevices. They prevent dirt, insects and debris from settling into the stone or brick surface.

Enhanced aesthetic:  The paver sealer enhances the curb appeal of your properties and provides perfect finish to the paved areas and at the same time stabilizes the joint sand by locking it in place.  It protects the pavement against harmful UV rays and prevents fading.

Protects from weathering:   Paver stones are vulnerable to elements and will become damaged or dull over time.  Paver sealers protect paver stones from fading, stains, high-traffic wear and tear.

Extends life span:  Paver sealers extend the life span of your paver stones and make them stronger and durable.  They eliminate the need to often replace the paver stones.

Paver Sealer And Sand Lock

Steps For Using Paver Sealer And Sand Lock

To get the best results with paver sealer and sand lock, the following steps are involved in its application which is most important:

  • Once work begins, we don’t pause.  If an area gets dry before the whole area is completely sealed, it can affect the appearance of the pavement and cause the surface to look uneven.
  • Application sprayer is used to speed the application of sealer to make sure no area remains untouched.
  • The paver sealer and sand lock compound is applied until saturation point is reached.  The pavers should be wet and the crevices and spaces should be filled.  A dry roller is used to soak up excess sealant and wipe out the drip marks.

Crystal Coat Paver Sealer and Sand lock is an exclusively manufactured product of Mckinnon Materials.  It is the most effective product to protect and enhance the pavements for years to come.  It is a single component, 100% cross-linking Acrylic Sealer with 30-32% solids.  It is flexible and avoids themoshock demise.  It resists damage due to heat, moisture, chemicals and overuse.  It is easy to maintain and durable.  It protects driveways, pathways, patios, pavers and all hardscapes of your residential and commercial properties.  We have excellent professionals to follow the steps to undertake the work and finish it perfectly.  The residents of Florida are fully satisfied by our prompt customer service.

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