Want to cover up surface imperfections in your existing concrete floors and give a complete face-lift at a much lower cost compared to removal and replacement? Applying a decorative concrete overlay is the solution for all these problems!

Types Of Concrete Floor Overlays

McKrete Concrete Overlay System

McKrete Concrete Overlay System

Many cement overlays are traditionally available for decades but today’s systems are blends of polymer resins with cement, sand, and other additives which improve performance, aesthetic qualities and wear resistance. Polymer-modified overlays can be coated in layers from as thin as a fraction of a millimeter up to several inches thick. They bond well to existing concrete and combat damage from chemicals, salt, UV exposure, abrasion and freeze-thaw conditions. Even though most types of overlay systems offer similar functional benefits, each system is unique. Overlay manufacturers use various kinds of polymer resins, blending them to produce their own formulated proprietary products with specific physical properties. Many modern decorative overlays use acrylic blends because these provide excellent adherence, UV resistance and strength.

Points To Remember While Choosing A Concrete Overlay

The State Of The Existing Floor

Does your concrete surface have a lot of cracks or pits? If so, they must be repaired before installing the decorative concrete overlay. You should select a self-leveling concrete overlay.

Conditions To Which The Overlay Would Be Exposed

The overlay system should be strong enough to withstand all the deteriorating conditions it would encounter. Is it a high-traffic area or exposed to chemicals, oil spills and grease? The material you plan to use should work for your purposes.

The Look You Want To Achieve

The main purpose to use a concrete overlay is to rejuvenate and beautify the existing concrete. Determine the color, texture and pattern you want for your renewed surface and then choose a system that can bring about the look you desire. Consult with the installer and overlay manufacturer about their product to check if it suits your needs. Request to view at samples of various colors and finishes and portfolio of completed projects.

Is There A Product That Satisfies All The Above Expectations?

YES! It is McKrete Overlay System, a product of Mckinnon Materials, Florida US. It is a multifunctional blend of acrylic and epoxy cementious material which can be used on driveways, patios, decks, hotel lobbies, floors of commercial buildings and more. Unique designs that mimic expensive stones, tile, granite, etc can be created. Hire our well-trained workmen to change the appearance of your floors with Mckrete Overlay System.