Many residential and commercial building owners have this question in their minds when they consider sealing concrete. So it is very important to address this question because a slippery surface is really hazardous and may lead to slippages and accidents.

Choice Of Sealers

The functionality of your sealed concrete depends upon the kind of sealer and application technique. The right choice will not result in any difference on the traction of the concrete. Your sealed paver hardscape will have the same level of traction as a seal-coated parking lot or driveway. When you walk on the concrete in dry conditions, there is no difference in traction. When the sealed concrete are wet, you will have a feeling as if you are walking on a gym floor. You hear squeaking sounds when walking on the wet concrete. Why does this sound come? The water content between your shoes and the acrylic sealer creates this squeaking sound. This does not denote that the sealed concrete is slippery.

Mckrete Concrete Overlay System

The Right Sealer And Technique

However, if you use low quality concrete sealers, the surface may become slippery. Some sealers have high solid content which fills the pores on the concrete. In that case, a solid layer is formed on the surface of the pavement that becomes slippery when exposed to wetness. Another important factor which causes slippery nature of the pavement is the application technique. Even if a sealer of good quality is applied excessively, a continuous upper layer will be formed which would become slippery when wet. Therefore, the property owners must choose experienced professionals who know the best techniques of concrete sealing. The right application technique would surely prevent slippery nature of concrete. Consult experts specializing in concrete sealing who would do an onsite inspection of the hardscape and recommend the right sealer which would not impact the traction level of your concrete.

Are You Worried About Your Slippery Epoxy Floors?

Do not worry. We, Mckinnon Materials, Florida US, have well-trained experienced sealing specialists who will guide you on how to reseal your concrete surfaces using our specially formulated slip-free epoxy sealer products. We use the latest techniques to make your concrete and/or epoxy floors safe to walk or drive.

The Special Features Of Crystal Coat Paver Sealer

In addition to concrete sealers, this is also the best place to purchase Paver Sealers manufactured by Mckinnon Materials, Florida, US. Our paver sealers enhances the color intensity of the pavers and acts as a protective shield against UV rays and moisture. It is easily maintainable and it withstands the damages caused due to natural disasters like floods. Crystal Coat Paver Sealer can be used on decks, patios, sidewalks, and deck coat overlays. Your pavements will become attractive and also safe at an affordable budget.