Advantages Of Epoxy Floor Coating For Garage

Coating the floor of a garage has many beneficial impacts. Epoxy floor coating is strong and durable and seals your floor and provides safety and beauty to your garage floor. An uncoated floor is left open to damage but with epoxy coating, your floor is guarded from further damage and at the same time it gets a professional refinement.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is a blend of epoxide resin, polyamine hardener and additives. When mixed, it forms a chemical reaction which gives new stability and endurance to the surface.  It seals and cures the surface and forms a firm bond.

Covers Defects And Gives Elegant Appearance

Epoxy floor coatings transform your spaces to sleek areas. The spaces gain new dimensions when light bounces off the epoxy.  Epoxy also covers defects of your garage floor and offers several designs and color options that renews the appearance of your garage. Colorful paints of your choice can be added to hide imperfections more thoroughly.  Decorative chips of quartz or mica can be added for a speckled look.  Metallic epoxy coatings increase the polished ambiance.

Cost-effective Option

Epoxy is a cost-effective option compared to removal of the current flooring, purchase of new tiles or vinyl and installation costs.  The current flooring material does not need to be removed.  Renovation of your flooring is very inexpensive if you opt epoxy finish.  Epoxy is a simple and cost-effective solution for transforming a concrete floor of an industrial-style location according to the style of your choice. Epoxy installation is a simple process that requires few coats and drying time in between.  It beats the amount of time and money than any other flooring would cost.  If any imperfections arise, affordable repairs options are also available.

Epoxy floor coating

Resistant To Wear And Tear

You can fortify your basement, garage or laundry room with epoxy coating because it can block harmful elements which would damage high-traffic spaces. Epoxy bears the impact of heavy shock, chemicals, heat, and water. It is perfect for garages because cars emit many corrosive chemicals.  Shock epoxy which is shock resistant is a proof for toughness. Dropping of heavy items or the wear and tear due to car driving will not harm epoxy coating. Jarring crashes would not chip your concrete with a thick layer of epoxy floor coating.

Resistant To Heat

Once dried, epoxy can resist a heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  Higher grade epoxy can even withstand higher levels of heat. Phosphorus-containing epoxies could withstand heat better than those without.  Hence, phosphorus is added into the mixture at different levels to accomplish optimal resistance. Heat resistance is very important for garages which store cars.

Resistant To Chemicals

Chemicals left behind from cars will not affect epoxy. If the car collection in your garage requires brake fluids and oil for extensive work, they would certainly spill on your flooring.  You need not panic as chemicals can be cleaned up easily as epoxy coating does not absorb any liquid. The density and depth of the layer keeps chemicals from intruding through in to the concrete.

Do You Need Epoxy Flooring To Be Installed?

Professional installation is a worthwhile investment because the time that the flooring stays intact is an important factor that makes this an efficient choice. So, allow the experts of Mckinnon Materials to complete this process in the most cost-effective manner. Professionals are experienced and so avoid poor application practices and take necessary protective measures