Epoxy coat will not bond well over polyester resin coat. So, you should thoroughly remove the polyester resin coat by sanding from the surface before applying epoxy coat over it.

Why Should Epoxy Coat Be Preferred Than Polyester Resin Coat?

  • Epoxy has higher bonding capacity than polyester resin.
  • Epoxy has higher resistance to wearing, cracking, peeling, corrosion or damages caused by chemicals and environmental degradation. Polyester resin is very fragile and can be used for low-stress uses or temporary fixes.
  • Epoxy is expensive than resin as it is higher in quality with regard to its strength and formulation in comparison with polyester resin.
  • Epoxy is resistant to water and can be applied underwater also whereas polyester is water-permeable
  • Epoxy products have a longer shelf life than resins. When not mixed, epoxy can sit in a garage for several years without losing its potency. Resin becomes fragile over time.
Concrete Overlays

Best Coatings That Can Be Applied To Concrete Floors

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are the best coatings the can be preferred instead of polyester resin coat. Overlay coating system comprising of acrylic and epoxy material which is also known as flocrete is an important option that can be applied to your concrete floors after removal of the polyester resin coat. The concrete overlay is water resistant and can be applied on driveways, patios, retail stores, shopping centers, hotel lobbies and residential villas. Beautiful designs that mimic marble, granite, tile, stone, slate and wood can be created using such acrylic and epoxy cementious material. Mckrete Decorative Concrete Overlay System would be the best product that would act as a protective coating to your concrete floor.

Metallic Epoxy Floor System

Another important choice is metallic epoxy system. It gives a glossy, reflective, sparkling and unique look. Colors can be customized and multi-dimensional looks can be created with lighting and view angle. This would bring an excitement to all the visitors of your house, office, garage, bars etc. It provides a glass-like finish to your floors which are absolutely slip-free.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring System

There are a number of industrial epoxies suitable for hotels, commercial kitchens, restaurants etc which provide a seamless uniform finish to attract your valuable clients. You can choose the most ideal colors from a vast number of colors available.

Have You Made Your Choice?

Have you decided to remove the polyester resin coatings and coat your surfaces with epoxy coatings? If yes, it is a good decision. You must always do regular resealing for all your epoxy floorings once in 3 to 4 years for prolonged durability.

Mckrete Decorative Concrete Overlay System, Aurora Epoxy Dust Metallic Epoxy Floor Sytem And Other Industrial Epoxies Are Available At Mckinnon Materials.  You Can Hire Our Own Certified Professional Installers To Install All Kinds Of Epoxy Floorings For Your Concrete Surfaces.