A.    Self-Leveling Concrete Crack Fill mix.

B.     Zero-Flow Crack Fill Mix.

C.     Hybrid Crack Fill Mix

Epoxy to us in crack fill: Stone Bond Epoxy, Clod Weather Epoxy, Industrial Epoxy, Rubber Epoxy

A.    Self-Leveling Concrete Crack Mix:

  1. Formula:


  1. 1 part Epoxy Mix.
  2. 1.5 part McKrete Powder.

      (Please Note: Powder percentage can be reduced to create a material that is less viscous and thereby easier to pour into a thinner cracks. No matter how thick or viscous you make this mixture, it will always want to self-level.)

B. Zero-Flow Crack Fill Mix:


  1. One part Epoxy Mix.
  2. 1.5 to 2 parts by volume of Epoxy Thickener aka (Cab-O-Sil).

C. Hybrid Crack Fill Mix:


  1. One Part Epoxy Mix.
  2. One Part Epoxy Thickener.
  3. One ½ Part McKrete powder.

Cracks: Which crack fill do I use and why? More to come on the next installment Buster……